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Our October Featured Member of the Month, Lisa Weier, Director of Development for FT Cares Foundation a branch of First Trust Portfolios.

Lisa began her career as outside counsel representing First Trust before moving in-house as Assistant General Counsel.  Once working for the company, a dream role for her was specifically created to head a part of the company in which 100% of her time could focus on the giving side of employees. The purpose of the FT Cares Foundation is to channel the givings of First Trust employees to vetted charities and companies that take care of local, national, and global matters.

A bit about the background of the company:  FT Cares Foundation is employee funded, and officers and directors for the foundation volunteer their time outside of their normal positions with First Trust.  There are roughly 750 employees that work for First Trust Portfolios and roughly 550 are here at home in the Wheaton office.

Lisa has the responsibility to network and create opportunities for giving so they tangibly reach communities, making sure their money is going to people and places that directly benefit from their givings.  This philanthropic character within her company is something she believes strongly in and is using to instill in her two sons, ages 12 and 15.  Lisa is the key component in building relationships with business partners that are based on trust and knowledge in knowing how money is directly distributed to the places and people in need.

As their focus is local, national, and global, responsibility is great, and their hearts are full of compassion for the world in which we live.  As First Trust humbly earns one of the greatest reputations globally for being the creators of products investment companies depend on, it is evident their concern is about giving back to a world that allows them to flourish!

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