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Kimberly Glover

Kimberly Glover, GotKim, LLC

Meet Career Coach & HR Consultant Kimberly Glover of GotKim, LLC

Kimberly Glover joined the Wheaton Chamber at the end of March 2022. She is a CEO, Certified Career Coach and SHRM-CP accredited human resources professional. Kim received her Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and media studies from Northern Illinois University where her own academic struggles led her to discover her purpose, helping young ladies in need of career guidance.

In honor of August’s Black Business Owner Month, Kim agreed to share about her experience as a black business owner at the invitation of the Wheaton Chamber’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

Q: What is your business and when did you start it? 

GotKim, LLC, is a human resource coaching and consulting firm, launched in July of 2020.

Q: What inspired you to start your business? 

I was out of a job in 2014 when the company I worked for moved to another state. I walked into a local staffing firm in my hometown to seek employment. While interviewing with the president of the staffing agency, she suggested that I work in the administrative division for the company as a trial run. I managed to place a candidate in what was referred to in the recruiting world as a “hard to fill” position. I ended up loving it because not only was I satisfying the client, but I was also helping the candidate achieve a desired career path as well, so it was a win-win situation for me.

During my time at the agency, I noticed a lot of young girls coming in for interviews who had no clue about how to dress or even present themselves. My passion is helping young girls and I wanted to be a resource for them by giving them the tools they need to ensure they are being set up for success. So, this prompted me to start a recruiting/coaching business.

Q: Who is your "ideal client?" Do you specialize? 

My ideal client would be a small business owner with no HR support who has little to no time to handle their recruitment needs for their business. My tag line is “delivering more than expected,” so I am eager to work with clients to find employees for them who have a passion for service, people who would give a positive impression for their businesses. My ideal client for my career coaching services would be job seekers who are ready to move into the human resources field and fairly new graduates who are unsure about their career path.

As a recruiter, I specialize in filling professional positions in a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and logistics and administration and business support services.

Q: Can you share your experience of being a black business owner? 

Being a black business owner has its highs and lows. I’m grateful when someone approaches me to tell me that I inspire them to start their own business. I love being an example for others who may feel like they don’t have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I mentor a lot of young adults as well, so I’m always elated to share my experiences to help them on their way. One of the reasons why I want my business to be extremely successful is because I want to sow into other people’s businesses.

The downside to being a black business owner is I always feel like I am being watched. I tend to think the reason why some potential clients don’t get back to me is because I am a black business owner. It’s a little discouraging and I sometimes feel like giving up, but I continue to stay the course because I know entrepreneurship is not for the weak. I was built for this, so I’m okay with it.

Q: How is it to be a black business owner in Wheaton? 

I find myself walking in a lot of rooms with people that don’t look like me, so it’s been somewhat challenging with trying to connect with some business owners, but I’m up for the challenge. I have met some really nice business owners through the Wheaton Chamber who have welcomed me with open arms, and I am grateful for that.

Q: What had you join the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce?

I joined the Wheaton Chamber because I needed to expand my network and I also needed to start putting myself and my business out in the community. Many are unaware, but I deal with a lot of fear. This may seem weird once you have a conversation with me because I consider myself to be a socialite, but I feel like the reason my business isn’t where I want it to be now is because of fear. It’s crazy because I have coached individuals on fear and how to overcome it, but it seems I can’t take my own advice… LOL. Joining the chamber has allowed me to deal with my fears, and it has provided me with a lot of resources that I need and will need in order for my business to be successful.

Q: How can Wheaton Chamber members support you as you grow your business? What resources (ideas, cheerleading, advice, mentoring, programs) could we provide to help ensure your success?  

It would be awesome if I could find a mentor in my industry. I’ve had some challenges with trying to connect with someone within my field. It’s also nice to have someone who is calling to check in or reaching out to give encouraging words.

Q: Is there anything about being a Black business owner that you'd like us to celebrate with you?  

I would like to celebrate the fact that even though I’m a minority, I feel like my knowledge, skills and abilities are equal to other peers that are in the same business.  I’m excited that I can teach and coach minorities, which will prepare them to not feel like they are inferior to their competition.

Although there may not be a lot of minority consulting firms, I would also like to celebrate that I took a chance on myself knowing the barriers I will face being a black business owner. I know I can provide top talent for businesses, and I am positive that once I coach someone, they will leave better than how they came.

This is the reason that I have developed a fearless mindset and, regardless of how I may feel sometimes, I know that I have to continue to power through because there are so many I can help, which gets me excited. Please help me celebrate that I am FINALLY walking in my purpose.

Kim’s program, the F.E.A.R.L.E.S.S. (Female, Elite, Ambitious, Relentless, Lucrative, Entrepreneurs Striving Successfully) Mindset, enriches the lives of her clients and African American girls in underserved communities. She can be reached at 312-798-9541 and you can visit her website at



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