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You Are Going to Find a Solid Community Here

Welcome to the Wheaton Chamber! We are an unstoppable community of business minded professionals who know that we accomplish more when we work together. We hope that will include YOU!

Over 100 years ago, some Wheaton business owners realized that working together would make them each more successful and make the community they loved a better place for their families and friends. You will see more than a few of those businesses still thriving today all over Wheaton - Carlson's, Stone's Jewelry, Rathje Woodward, Wheaton Eye Clinic quickly come to mind. Hat's off to them!

While a lot has changed in Wheaton, Illinois, the belief that a thriving community fosters thriving businesses has stayed the same for over 100 years.

You Will Find Something Unique at the Wheaton Chamber

Chambers often fall into two familiar camps: so big it is hard to connect or so small you rarely make any new connections. The Wheaton Chamber of Commerce hits the "sweet spot": big enough to easily offer new business connections and small enough to feel like part of the community - quickly! Wheaton is at the very center of DuPage County and is the county seat - making us the heart of business in DuPage County!

Add Your Voice to the Heart of the Business Community

Our members work together to foster meaningful business relationships, advocate on issues impacting the local economy, and develop business education and marketing opportunities.

Are you hungry to make a difference with a thriving business? Come join forces with us. Together we will influence business and community issues that make the Wheaton community a better place to work, live and play.

We are looking forward to getting to know you and your plans for your business. The details you need to join us are HERE.
Call or stop by sometime soon!


Amended and adopted February 23, 2017, effective same date.

Read and download the By-Laws HERE

Chamber Staff

We are here to make your membership more valuable and help your business succeed.

Vickie Austin


Maddie Crabtree

Marketing Coordinator

Brenda MacDonald

Administrative Assistant

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