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Moyra Gorski, a former registered nurse and now entrepreneur, is celebrating her 24th year with Shaklee, a company that specializes in natural wellness products. Wheaton Chamber members and friends are invited to join in the festivities with a party hosted at the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, 301 W. Roosevelt Road, on Tuesday, Feb. 27, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Moyra’s journey with Shaklee began during her time as a young mother caring for sick kids. She found support from a fellow mom, bonding over the shared challenges of parenting.

“We talked about how there might be natural ways to help our kids be healthier,” recalls Moyra. Initially skeptical, she was hesitant about veering away from conventional treatments. However, her curiosity was piqued and she embarked on a quest to explore alternative wellness solutions.

As she witnessed the transformative impact on her family’s well-being, Moyra felt compelled to share her knowledge with other mothers. That’s where her entrepreneurial endeavor began, springing from conversations in coffee shops, strolls along the Prairie Path and chance encounters at local parks.

“I wanted to empower others to take charge of their health proactively,” said Moyra. “Why wait for a diagnosis or a grim medical report when we can start making positive changes today?”

Amid the chaos and uncertainty of the pandemic, Moyra found inspiration in an unexpected place: the dance floor. What began as a visit to a Fred Astaire dance studio evolved into a passion for ballroom dancing. As she immersed herself into the world of dance, she discovered similarities between the art form and her role as a leader.

“Dance isn’t just about the steps,” said Moyra. “It’s about feeling, and how we show up.” This challenged her to embrace the role of follower on the dance floor—a concept not always easy for someone accustomed to taking charge.

“A friend once told me that ballroom dance is like life coaching on steroids,” Gorski recalls. “And she couldn’t have been more right.” Through dance, Moyra learned the importance of trust, communication, and vulnerability, lessons that resonated far beyond the studio walls.

Today, her reach extends beyond the dance studio and the world of holistic wellness. She actively contributes to the community and is a member of the Wheaton Chamber of Commerce, beginning her first term as a Director on the Board of Directors in January 2024.

Wheaton Chamber members are invited to join the fun as we celebrate Moyra’s 24th anniversary with Shaklee with an evening filled with snacks, raffles, and networking at the Chamber. For more information and to RSVP, please contact Moyra.

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